Hi, my name is

Jacob Ogima.

I build stuff for the web.

Im a web developer specializing in building and often designing great digital expierences. Right now Im focused on freelance projects to build out myresume.

Let's turn your ideas into reality.

Explore my portfolio to see what I can create for you, and feel free to reach out—I'm ready to collaborate on your next project!

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01. About Me

Creative Web Developer with two years of experience building and maintaining responsive websites, applications, and software. Proficient skills in both front and back-end programming languages.

I am deeply passionate about web development, where each line of code becomes a brushstroke painting a canvas of seamless user experiences. Transforming ideas into interactive and visually engaging digital spaces is not just my job; it's my creative pursuit.

I am skilled in the following programming languages and frameworks.

  • Languages







  • Frameworks



    C Sharp


02. Where Ive Worked

Web Developer | Freelance

2021 - 2022

  • Developed and programmed a responsive website, securing web hosting and domain name for seamless online customer interaction.

  • Utilized SEO strategies to organically grow website traffic, achieving page one ranking on Google search through strategic keyword implementation.

Sales Specialist | Utility Company

2015 - 2019

  • Successfully presented, promoted, and sold home appliance insurance through inbound customer calls and emails.

  • Managed scheduling of home service calls for appliance repair and skillfully de-escalated customer concerns, ensuring satisfaction.

Kitchen Manager | Restaurant Industry

2009 - 2015

  • Oversaw kitchen operations, including food ordering, delivery, stock control, and staffing.

  • Managed large catering projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality food and exceptional customer experiences.

  • Coordinated staff during peak hours, planned menu items, and ensured compliance with health regulations per OSHA standards.

Let's turn your ideas into reality.

Explore the projects section to see how my diverse experiences have shaped my skills and contributed to a variety of successful web development endeavors.

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03. Some Stuff Ive Built

Featured Project


This project revolves around an online thrifting company. Enjoy exploring the detailed project specifications, a comprehensive description, and insights into the project management software employed.

Featured Project


My evolving portfolio website, crafted from my growing skill set, is a work in progress. It's a personal creation that reflects my ongoing journey in web development.

Featured Project


Experience my developmental website—a hub for personal projects and hosted project websites. Currently, I'm reconstructing my portfolio using WordPress on this domain, showcasing my commitment to continuous improvement.

Other projects Ive worked on.

04. The Project List

View My Work

Explore a curated list of website projects I've undertaken, complete with links to their respective pages. These projects, currently centered around fictional businesses, serve as a showcase of my diverse skills in web development.

WordPress projects.

05. Education

2021 - Expected May 2024

A.A.S Computer and Web Programming

Lake Superior College

These are the classes that were studied to earn the degree.

  • CIS 1402

    Foundations of CIS

  • CIS 1406

    Web Programming I

  • CIS 1410

    Web Site Design

  • CIS 1412

    Web Graphics I

  • CIS 1415

    Introduction to Programming

  • CIS 1408

    Web Programming II

  • CIS 1420

    Advanced Web Site Design

  • CIS 1510

    Microcomputer Database

  • CIS 1430

    Data Analytics Fundamentals

  • CIS 1610

    Web Scripting

  • CIS 2620

    Object-Oriented Programming I

  • CIS 1532

    Data-driven Web Sites

  • CIS 2635

    Java Programming

  • CIS 2640

    Mobile Apps Programming

  • CIS 2976

    Emerging Technologies

  • CIS 2980


  • CIS 2987

    CIS Capstone

  • CIS 1745

    Unix System Administration

  • CIS 2972

    SQL Server Administration

  • CIS 2560

    Web Server Administration

06. Contact Me

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Send Email: OgimaDev@outlook.com

Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/ogima/

GitHup: GitHub.com/OgimaDev

Site is a work in progress still.

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